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Privacy and SawSearch

SawSearch software maintains its database inside your computer, to avoid divulging your personal data to us.

We, the developer(s) of 'SawSearch' and of the website, develop and provide a client-hosted application/utility called 'SawSearch'. If you install SawSearch on your own computer, SawSearch creates and updates your own record of your web browsing activity so that you can search your past web browsing activity. SawSearch does not share those activity records with us.

Caveat: Whether or not you use SawSearch, as a general rule, if you give other people (such as your roommate, employer, computer repairperson, etc.) access to your computer, then depending on how you have configured your computer, those people might obtain access to some or all of the information that you have stored on that computer or that passes through your computer, including your passwords to 'cloud' storage such as gmail, dropbox, etc. Similarly, software that you install and run on your computer might have access to data that you have stored on your computer. So we recommend that you be selective in what you install on your computer, use reputable antivirus software as appropriate, etc.

We save money by refusing to violate your privacy.

Because SawSearch runs on your own computer to keep its index of your web browsing inside your own computer, not on servers, we at do not have to pay for large amounts of computer time for SawSearch to provide its services to you. So we don't have to sell your data to third parties to help pay for the large amounts of computer time that we aren't buying. And we don't have that data to sell anyway.

Anti-spam commitment

We oppose spam. If you happen to tell us your email address, we won't sell it to spammers.

Emails sent to, and mailing lists that provide SawSearch-related news

If you tell us to send you email, or if you send us email messages, then for the specific purpose of sending, receiving, and storing email, your email address and the email messages that you send to us may be shared with a limited set of subcontractors with whom we have contracted to provide specific services such as hosting the website and email servers. We have contracted with CubeSoft aka to help provide such services.