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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does 'cloud-free privacy' mean?
A: It means:
  • Your browsing history on your computing device stays on your computing device—SawSearch never sends its records of your web browsing to our Internet servers. So we can't 'share' that information with advertisers or other parties.
  • Even if the web server goes down, you still have your browsing history.
Also see Privacy and SawSearch.
Q: For what operating systems will versions of SawSearch be released?
A: We expect to provide SawSearch on Windows, OS X, Linux, and possibly iOS and/or Android. We already have test builds of SawSearch running pretty well on at least two of those operating systems.
Q: With which web browsers can SawSearch work?
A: Practically all web browsers that you might run on the computing device where you install SawSearch, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Lynx, etc.
Q: Why doesn't this FAQ have more questions?
A: Because you haven't sent us your questions yet.