Superior search for your web browsing history.

full-text · cross-platform · cloud-free privacy

About SawSearch

"Where did I see that?"

Have you ever tried to find a web page again that you know you've seen somewhere before, and

  • been drowned in 500,000 search engine results you didn't want?
  • not been able to find the page in your browser's very limited, buggy browser cache search or history search?
  • not wanted Google to see and track everything you searched for?

Your own personalized search of the web pages you've browsed

SawSearch lets you do full-text search on the web pages that you have browsed.

  • When you have fully installed SawSearch on your computer and in your preferred web browser(s), SawSearch indexes the web pages you view so you can find the pages you looked at.
  • You can do simple keyword searches, or you can search by various combinations of the following.
    • keywords
    • date range when you viewed the page(s).
    • domain options
      • excluding certain domains from a search
      • restricting a search to certain domain(s), e.g. ""
  • Referer search lets you find out how you got to a certain webpage or website, and where you went from there.

    Your search index and data belong to you.
    Not some cloud vendor.

  • SawSearch keeps your index and search requests on your hard drive: your data is not sent to anyone else.
  • You can ban or purge certain domains or url patterns from the index (use Ban tab or Purge tab).
  • You can browse without indexing by checking the "Bypass proxy" checkbox on SawSearch's Start panel or Proxy panel (use Start tab or Proxy tab).
  • Also see Privacy and SawSearch for information about how we honor privacy and hate spam.

    Multi-browser, multi-platform

  • Combines data from the different web browsers you use.
    • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more!
  • Works on different operating systems:

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