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About Us

People Behind SawSearch and

Chris Niswander

Chris is the developer of SawSearch.

A few high points of Chris' experience in software, startups, or both:

  • Created BitBoost's Python obfuscator, which protects proprietary engineering investments by transforming Python source code into new code that is harder to reverse engineer. Produces highly portable output code that can be run in any Python environment compatible with the input code, such as CPython, PyPy, IronPython and Jython.
  • Invented PawSense, a software utility you can install so your computer will automatically distinguish between human typing and cats wandering around on the keyboard. This protects against cats inputting keyboard shortcuts and incorrect data.
  • Software developer #3 in CompuRAD, a medical software startup. CompuRAD was a pioneer of personal computer based teleradiology. CompuRAD did a successful IPO on NASDAQ, and eventually gave up its independent identity in a friendly acquisition/merger. One of Chris' favorite things about CompuRAD was the in-depth involvement of domain expert end users in the company. Among the practicing radiologists involved was the head of the company, Dr. Phillip Berman.